CM is Worth Rs 65.69 Lakh, Drabu Worth Rs 7.55 Crore



Former chairman of Jammu and Kashmir Bank and economic expert Dr Haseeb Drabu who is making his electoral debut in the upcoming Assembly polls on the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) ticket, is richer than Chief Minister Omar Abdullah. Drabu according to the affidavit submitted to the election commission of India has movable assets worth Rs 1.94 crore and immovable assets worth Rs 5.61 crore. He has Rs 20,000 cash in hand and Rs 22.40 lakh in seven bank accounts. Omar, the state chief minister on the other hand has assets worth only a few lakh rupees. 44-year-old Omar has got Rs 1.10 lakh in cash and Rs 46.59 lakh in eight bank accounts.Omar has a gypsy and motor cycle worth Rs 3 lakh and 500 g of gold jewelry worth Rs 15lakh. His movable assets are worthRs 65.69 lakh. He according to his affidavit has noimmovable assets and does not own agriculture or non-agricultureland.

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