No mission 44+, no clear mandate, Only a hung assembly and the probable coalition aftermaths



The final results chisel a sculpture of a hung state assembly in Jammu and Kashmir. Where we saw a heart scare of Omar almost losing it from Beerwah, shortly after he lost in Sonawar; we also saw many Heavy weights lose their way. Now the picture gets clearer with the following seats in the contesting parties’ kitties.


Let’s consider few of the possible coalition scenarios that may arise out of it:

The only possible but a rather unlikely companions: PDP and BJP

Total Seat no.: 25+28= 53

Although there is no similarity in ideologies shared by these two major parties by far, these do have highest vote shares and their recent comments do open up a glimmering possibilities of them allying with some major compromises. The schematic planning of Amit Shah and history of Mufti Mohammad Sayeed with Vajpayee may pave a rough way of these two parties forming an unstable but non-objectionable government in the assembly.

Logical allies: PDP and Congress + Independent support

Total Seat no.: 12+28= 40

A very stretched but a logical alliance arises between Congress and PDP, if they succeed to sway some independent candidates their way. Congress has a saving grace of coming into double digits; if they want to stay in the politics of Jammu and Kashmir, they have to play a weaker role and support PDP with not much to bargain. This is the only way congress can have any benefit out of their numbers.

Desperate alliance: BJP and NC + Independent support

Total Seat no.: 25+16=41

All options are open for us in Jammu and Kashmir: Amit Shah.

The statement came flying in when the sun set on a rather eventful day, politicians and stake holders started their mathematics and became cautious of possible alliances and started their quest of claiming the throne. Now when we talk about this alliance, we are being a little too optimistic and it would require some hard ground rules but well, desperate times call for desperate measures. So, who knows what we expect and what tomorrow brings. This coalition, however, again requires some negotiation with independent candidates and call for a little more effort.

So, neither the Mission 44+ succeed, neither a clean sweep of any party. The results concurred to exit polls and political predictions and the government sees a hung assembly. What coming days bring would be a scene to watch and what government comes into an existence would be an enigma to crack.



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