Common man suffers yet again



By Kritika Sharma

The neglected pathways, broken roads were all dusted, brushed, repaired and repainted when the Netas of JK were all set to pass through, during the time of Darbar move. And we once again realize that such common privileges, as necessary and expected as they are, are still uncommon for the common man.

The roads otherwise, continue to remain in the long list of grave problems that we are made to face throughout every political term.  Every new minister comes and brags how these elections are for Sadak Bijli and Pani, and nothing ever changes by the end of six years. To back it up, the ministry always has the most logical and reasoned alibi to defend and put the blame of anything but them. The horrible condition of all the basic utilities of the citizen, persists like ever. Empty Coffers, shortage of funds are the obvious reasons that the citizen is made to believe but then again, when it is time for these netas to travel the funds are automatically arranged for the face lift of all the broken roads to be frequented by the bigwigs. If the common man is made to use these facilities, why aren’t the political people also made to taste the same suffering. Be it the glorified assurance of Sadak, Bijli and Pani or good governance, the promises are nothing more than dream for Jammu and Kashmir.