Communal amity, peace need to be protected in Jammu at all costs


There is need to handle the protests in Jammu by Sikh community in a subtle manner while sending out strong message that law, and order would not be allowed to be breached as anything less than this will boost the confidence of few miscreants who want to vitiate the atmosphere in the peaceful city. One has to recall that Jammu has also paid a heavy price for the terrorism which was spread in this region during the dark era of Punjab militancy, and several lives were wasted before the violence ceded. There is need to handle the situation in a subtle manner, and to ensure that force is used judiciously so that it does not become a communal issue. Vested interests already want this issue to be mis-used so that peace in the region is thwarted.

Every community has the right to remember it’s leaders but this has to be done responsibly and taking care of the fact that it does not violate rule of law. The recent incident is perhaps being used by vested interests to foment trouble for the government, and draw a knee jerk response from the police department which could lead to further untoward incidents. The killing of the youth in police firing, and stabbing of police officers, and snatching of an AK 47 are all deplorable incidents, and should be condemned in equal measure. Getting killed during protests is not something called for, and the need for protesters is also to adopt peaceful means. They should take inspiration from the lives of leaders who have picked up gun to secure justice, and then ended by being killed by the same gun. Violence begets violence, and it is evident in Kashmir where full might of the Pak army, and ISI has failed to ensure that militants are able to secure even an inch of their goals.

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Instead of putting faith in violent acts the leadership of all communities in Jammu should sit down, discuss the matter, and find a way forward because already a life has been lost, some police men are injured critically, and if things don’t improve soon the stands from both sides will harden, and there would be little flexibility. It is time for all to heed to reason, and focus on development, and prosperity and letting go the past for the sake of our children.