Compensation of rupees two lakh to be given to the girl accused of cheating



BOSE had stalled the result of a student in case of cheating and the High Court has instructed the BOSE authority to aid the person with a compensation of Rupees two lakh with nine percent interest. Chief Justice High Court N Pal Vasanthkumar and Justice Mohammad Magre said that the case could not be proved with valid evidence and the child’s education has suffered for a year.

The student also tried to commit suicide after the Board announced that her result will not be declared. However, she was saved by the invigilators.

The court had announced the same but the decision was challenged by BOSE Chairman. However, after the hearing, Court announced that it has been unjust with the student and she would be compensated. The amount is to be compensated within four weeks.

The girl student had taken her Higher Secondary Exam in 2011 but her result was not announced after the Superintendent accused her of cheating. The Court declared that her result be announced and she should continue her education like before.

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