Complete Details of Scholarship Scam in BGSBU

Jammu, September 15: Students protesting against the scholarship scam at Baba Ghulam Shah Badshah University (BGSBU) have affected the functioning of University for almost two months now.

The protesting students have been demanding action against the officials who are allegedly involved in the scam that incorporates embezzlement of funds meant for various categories of poor students, mainly Paharis, by the Union Ministry of Tribal Affairs. The alleged officials also involve former registrar of BGSBU, Rashid Choudhary.

An amount of over 13 Lakh which was provided by Union Ministry of Tribal Affairs as scholarship for students of BGSBU was withdrawn by J&K Bank through 72 cheques issued in the name of different people and firms, purportedly signed by the then Registrar Rashid Choudhary.

Also, another 4.28 lakh rupees were withdrawn from the Darhal branch of J&K Bank for purchases made for the university from two non-existent firms.

The scam was unearthed when a former student of the university, Masood Ahmed, complained to senior J&K Bank officials that his scholarship money in the form of a cheque of Rs 22,300 was transferred into a bogus account. 

After a lot of investigation, a Special Investigating Team (SIT) of police found that an employee of J&K Bank Aizaz Malik, posted at the Raikibanh branch of the bank has been creating fake accounts and transferring the scholarship money into them in connivance with employees of the BGSBU.

Also, it was found that the registrar Rashid Chowdhary had written to Director, Tribal Affairs, for revalidation of many cheques. The SIT team on recording the statements of students, summoned the then registrar and the deputy registrar, Finance, to record their statements and sent the samples of their handwriting to Forensic Sciences Laboratory as they refused allegations made on them of signing the cheques.

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