Complete details of the new Transfer Policy for Teachers


Jammu, December 23: In its Order No. 622-Edu of 2015, the State School Education Department has notified a new policy which has banned mid-term transfer of teaching staff, proposing tenure of the teachers between two and three years except Ladakh and higher reaches, where it will be one year, posting of spouses in same general area, inter-cadre transfer of lady official in case of marriage after five years of service and giving suitable posting to the officials before one year of retirement.

The order suggests that the transfer for the teachers posted in the schools in Summer Zone will be scheduled from June 1 to July 31 and in the Winter Zone from January 1 to February 28. However, it will not be applicable to the transfers involving change from one Zone to another in view of different academic years for Summer and Winter Zones.

As per the policy document, the transfer policy will also not be implemented in case of postings of officials upon their promotion, revocation of suspension, resumption of duties after training/leave or on issues related to performance and rationalization. Again, the transfers of teachers in Ladakh region will be made according to the policy of Ladakh Affairs Department.

The policy document further suggests that the minimum Tenure of the teachers at one place will be two years and maximum three years. But in Zone-III areas like Ladakh and other upper reaches, the tenure of teachers will be one year for any person, not otherwise resident of that area or not belonging to the said district cadre. Also, the teacher after serving in Zone-III and other similar areas will be necessarily given posting of preference for two years.

The Policy documents said the official shall generally have to serve in difficult areas on promotion, whether immediately or later, unless specifically excluded by the Administrative Department. Official recruited from areas that give reservation benefit shall ordinarily be required to serve the prescribed period in such areas.

Another significant decision was made with the new transfer policy that suggests that the spouses shall be posted in the same general area to the possible extent. If a lady official has completed five years serving in their parent cadre (district/division), she will be allowed to undergo inter-cadre transfer in case of marriage but such transfer will be made in accordance with the availability of vacancies and department’s requirements.

Also, to the extent possible, married lady officials with children, widows and divorcee female officials will be posted at the places from where they can return home after duty. Subject to the availability of post, officials with specially abled children would be posted at a place near to his/her place of residence.

The officials attaining age of retirement next year will be posted at the place close to where they mean to settle down after retirement.

While suggesting about the transfer on medical grounds of self, spouse or dependent childrenthe policy stated that the recommendations of the Standing Medical Board would be pre-requisite which will be valid for two years. Similarly, the recommendations from the head of CID wing will also be required for posting according to security concerns which will also be valid only for two years.

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