Compulsory attendance system for thieves now


In order to keep a track on the growing theft incidents in the city the police has decided to maintain a data of thieves. Besides, the police is also going to keep a record of their finger prints so that if an incident of theft takes place, the thief can be caught easily and immediately.

“Many times when a thief is released from prison he again create nuisance by thieving. Therefore, to keep such professional thieves under control we have started this initiative. Not only this from their finger prints we can also solve other burglary incidents committed by them in the past, “said Sunil Gupta, SSP Jammu.

The police has also decided to have a compulsory attendance system where a thief ,even if he gets released from the prison, has to visit the concerned police station once in a year. This system will help police to keep a track on their activities.

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