Cong Seva Dal Chief Balvinder Singh took a procession for innocent killing of people in Arnia


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Cong Seva Dal Chief Balvinder Singh Sambyal visited Vijaypur and took a large procession against The innocent killing of people in Arnia by Pakistan rangers. Balvinder Singh Sambyal said that the regular firing and shelling by Pakistan is due to wrong policy of Central BJP Govt. Sambyal said that Narinder Modi P.M of India has failed to tame the enemy of country due to his friendly behaviour with Nawaz Sarief . The Prime Minister of Pakistan who was invited by Prime Minister Narinder Modi on his Oath ceremony to India. Sambyal said that it is the BJP who only makes a false promises and when there is a need of protecting National interest then the BJP make lame excuses. It show their incapability and coward behavior to run the Govt. B.S Sambyal also reminded the BJP central leaders that during elections they were making hallow and lucrative slogans . But when reality came their real position came to fore in the sight of general public . B.S Sambyal also burnt the effigy of Pakistan P.M Nawaz Sharief at Vijaypur later B.S Sambyal also visited Arnea sector where five people were killed and score were injured in Pakistan firing. Mr. Sambyal met the People at Arnea village and heard the grievances of the people.
Those who accompany him were Dr. ML Rao, Varinder Sharma , Dimple Sambyal, Raj Kumar, Yash Thakur, Kulbir Singh and many other peoples.

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