Congratulations GMC Administration, You just murdered a doctor and set an example of excellence!

Puneet Gupta


Dr. Bhupinder died of carelessness, not H1N1

By now all of us know that senior Paediatrician at Bishnah Hospital, Dr. Bhupinder Singh, passed away as a patient of Pneumonia and not H1N1 Flu. If you don’t know this yet please click here to see the proof. It is shameful in itself that a doctor died of pneumonia of all the diseases.

Pneumonia! Can you believe it? Who dies of Pneumonia? Even today? Shame!

Some may say that the doctors are to blame for this too. The sheer negligence of doctors is what caused the death of Dr. Bhupinder Singh. It also came to fore that the Doctors refused to travel alongwith Dr. Bhupinder to New Delhi when he was being moved.

If a doctor is not safe, are you?

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