Congress cries nexus between BJP and Justice Gaur as latter gets new post few days after retirement!


Congress leaders are on a ‘taunting-spree’ as Justice Sunil Gaur gets his first post-retirement assignment within one week of his retirement. Justice Sunil Gaur has been appointed as the chairman of the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA) Appellate Tribunal and that too within one week of his appointment as a Delhi High Court Judge. Justice Sunil Gaur is the one who had rejected previous Union Finance Minister P Chidambaram’s expectant bail plea in the INX Media Case prior this month. Justice Gaur had retired three days after he conveyed the decision on August 20 denying help to Chidambaram. While there is no official warning of his arrangement up until now, Congress pioneers labeled media reports asserting that he will assume responsibility in September.

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In his judgment request, Justice Gaur had noticed that the actualities displayed by the indictment recommend that Chidambaram is the ‘boss’ and key schemer in the INX Media case. The judgment further included that by all appearances Chidambaram’s custodial cross-examination was significant for a compelling test.

“A telling story on the state of justice in ‘New India’!”, Congress national representative Randeep Surjewala said in a tweet. Another Congress representative and Supreme Court advocate Brijesh Kalappa additionally brought up issues over the administration’s accounted for the move. In a mockery loaded tweet, Kalappa praised Justice Gaur for his new position. “Which is the only job in the world in which you get highest marks if you copy-paste the answer sheet provided to you? Judgeship. BTW Heartfelt congratulations to Justice Sunil Gaur for his appointment as Chairman, Appellate PMLA within a week of his retirement,” he tweeted.

As per the Congress leaders, getting a new assignment just a few days after retirement, point towards something fishy. The innuendo of their tweets clearly says that the decision taken by Justice Gaur was not his own but dictated to him by the ruling government. On the one side, this allegation on a higher judiciary judge is defamatory if it is not backed by proofs, on the other side, it is a cause of concern if it actually gets proved.