Congress facing economic slowdown as its ‘moneybag handlers’ are behind bars: BJP


New Delhi:Hitting out at Congress chief Sonia Gandhi over her remarks on the “grim” economic situation in the country, the BJP said she seemed to be talking about the economic slowdown in her party as its “moneybag handlers” were behind bars.

Addressing central and state Congress leaders at a meeting here earlier on Thursday, Gandhi said the country is going through a prolonged economic slump, job losses are mounting by the day and the confidence of the investors is getting shakier.

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The government appears more and more clueless and insensitive by the day, she said.

“It appears Mrs Gandhi is concerned about the economic slowdown of the Indian National Congress as the handlers of Congress’s moneybags, both Mr P Chidambaram as well as Mr D K Shivakumar, are behind bars,” BJP national spokesperson Sambit Patra said.