Congress gets back at PM Modi on Questions asked by him 4 years ago


New Delhi, Feb 14, Getting back at Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the questions he had asked four years ago from the then UPA government on the internal security situation at that time, the Congress on Wednesday charged him of maintaining a deafening silence at a time when there had been a sharp deterioration in the internal security situation in the country.

Addressing reporters here, AICC spokesperson Abhishek Manu Singhvi, playing a video of 2014 which showed Mr. Modi posing five questions to the then UPA government on the prevailing security situation at that time, asked the same questions from him.

‘Please do answer us. Where do these terrorists and militants get their arms and ammunition? That comes from across the borders. All the borders are under the Central Government’s jurisdiction. Then how do these people get their arms.? Where do they get their funding from? The entire money transaction business is under the jurisdiction of the Government of India. It is under RBI’s jurisdiction, it happens through banks. Why can’t Prime Minister Modi not keep surveillance on these transactions?

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