Congress held meeting at Kishtwar, several NC workers joins party.

Many joins congress at KishtwarKishtwar  : Congress party today held a public meeting at NHPC Colony Semna today under the chairmanship of JKPCC State Secretary Thakur Jughal Bhandari in which over three dozen people including stanch workers of National Conference joined the Congress party.

The meeting which was arranged by Waseem Makeer and Zakir Makeer was attended by large number of local people who showed great anger and resentment against NHPC and also against MLA Kishtwar Sajjad Ahmed Kichloo for his failure to address their problem. They alleged that NHPC fails to fulfill its promises which they made with the people of Kishtwar District and also with the land owners who donated their lands for Dool-Hasti Power Project. They said that people living in and around vicinity of NHPC colony were deprived of power and other basic facility. They said that NHPC authorities even did not allow their children’s to play in NHPC grounds, even though the land on which these play fields exit was donated by them. They said that the lanes and drains constructed by NHPC two decades ago were emitting foul smell and are full with garbage as no one maintains these lanes and drains after withdrawal of payments to the contractors. They said that the dirty and unhygienic water coming out of NHPC colony enters into their houses. They said that the road leading to NHPC colony is also in worst condition threatening the life of commuters as several people were injured on this road particularly during night hours. They said that during night hours, the streets inside NHPC colony continuous to illuminate while the streets outside the said colony posses a dark look. They demanded immediate fulfillment of the commitments made by the NHPC with the people of Kishtwar and threaten to launch an agitation in case the NHPC authorities fail to address the genuine public demands.

They also blames the local MLA off adopting callous and soft approach towards the NHPC as a result of which NHPC authorities get encouraged and cut the electricity supply to the people living in and around vicinity of NHPC colony.

While addressing the meeting, Jughal Bhandari assured the people that congress leadership will work towards the fulfillment and redresser of all the grievances pertaining to NHPC. He assured them that he will take up the matter with Congress leadership including with MLA Inderwal Ghulam Mohammed Saroori.

He said that the peace is eminent for the development and urged the people to maintain peace and communal harmony so that the development agenda set by the Congress and UPA government will be implemented in real sense. He also urges the people to vote in upcoming elections on the bases of the development and not on the communal agenda. He said that people of Kishtwar are wise enough not to fall prey to communal forces who want to divide people of Kishtwar on the bases of religious.

Senior Congress leader Abdul Subhan Kichloo, Mahinder Singh Parihara and Ravi Kumar also attended the meeting.

Among the prominent who joined the Congress party in today’s function includes Waseem Makeer, Zakir Makeer, Papu Mintoo, Sameer Ahmed Zarger, Ayaz Ahmed Hamal, Irshad Ahmed Hamal, Shanawaz Mintoo, Imtiyaz Ahmed Dar, Fareed Ahmed Lone, Abdul Rehman Akhoon, Mohammad Abbas Shal, Dewan Chand, Farooq Ahmed Naik, Farooq Ahmed Wani and others.