Congress need not preach of development now, says BJP


arunBJP State Spokesperson & State Media Incharge Arun Kumar Gupta said that Congress’s dream to emerge as single largest party after Jammu & Kashmir Assembly Election and form the next the government will remain a dream adding that it is going to face the worst ever defeat in assembly elections. He said that Congress has lost its credibility among the people and they (people) are now well aware of Congress’s dual speak.

He said that after Independence in 1947, Congress ruled for almost two and a half decades (lonely & in coalition) in J&K. He alleged that being in power for so many years, Congress did nothing for the welfare and development of the people of the state and now they are claiming that J&K will see the adequate development when they come to power. “What else the Congress did in past 12 years except supporting NC and PDP in looting the exchequer of the state.” He asked. Gupta said Congress’s statement of being emerging as a single largest party is a mere joke and it shows that they are living in a dream and have not learnt any lesson from their previous defeats.

He alleged that Congress did nothing for the people during the past twelve years and now they are going to lose in Assembly Elections as they lost in Lok Sabha elections and that is why they are trying to mislead people. He said that Congress itself cheated the people of the state for their vested interests.

Gupta alleged that Congress always changes its statements and agenda according to the situation. Congress’s agenda was different when they were sharing the power with PDP and they changed it subsequently to remain in power with NC. He alleged that Congress always compromise with their agenda and can shake hands with any party to be a part of government.

He said that Congress did nothing for the welfare of the state and closed their eyes on swindling of money sent for the development of the state. He said “Their senior leader finally agreed on what we were saying from so many years that the money approved by centre does not reach to the people of J&K.” He said that it shows that Congress is least interested in the development of the state and bother only about their vested interests. Gupta said that people of J&K have seen their real faces and that’s why people have thrown them out during Lok sabha Elections and same results will be repeated in Assembly Elections.

Arun Kumar Gupta said that BJP is fighting these elections on development issues and believe in good governance, corruption free atmosphere, end of dynastic rule, good facilities for education and health care, generating employment for the youth and these are not false dreams. It is what every government should do, but unfortunately, none of the previous governments succeeded in providing this to the people. He claimed that people want change and in these elections people will choose BJP to form the government.

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