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Congress responsible for the miserable plight of Muslims: Farooq Khan

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RAJOURI: Addressing the series of election meetings at Palma, Mandir Gala, Bakori, Morha Draj and Budhal areas of the district Rajouri former IGP and the BJP leader Farooq Khan accused the Congress party for the miserable plight of the Muslims in the Country.

Farooq Khan who has recently joined the BJP is campaigning for the BJP in Muslim dominated areas of district Rajouri and Poonch. Lashing out at Congress Khan said during the Congress rule, Muslims in India including Jammu and Kashmir were the worst suffers. He said that Congress under the cover of so-called secularism, exploited the sentiments of Muslims by created fear-psychosis of BJP to get votes. He said Congress has taken the Muslims far guaranteed and did nothing for their betterment.

Targeting the Congress Khan said that the country is not in the safe hands of Congress as the party is dividing the society on Communal lines to get votes. He said “We cannot put our country into crisis by supporting the Congress party any more. Khan said the people of our Country have sacrificed a lot for the nation, but Congress have no respect for the great martyrs of this Country.

He said the heads of our soldiers were chopped off by Pakistan but Congress led UPA remained a mute spectator and did nothing in reaction. He asked the Chief Minister Omar Abdullah to come up with this performance and not create vicious atmosphere by leveling the false Charges against BJP’s prime ministerial Candidate. He said, to divert attention from his failure Omar Abdullah creating communal division in the society.

He urged the youth to support the BJP so that the dreams of former Prime Minister Atral Behari Vajpayee be fulfilled.

Senior BJP leader Kuldeep Raj Gupta, BJP State Vice President Vibodh Gupta,BJYM state President Ravinder Raina, Budhal Mandal President Ramesh Kumar, Dev Raj, Mustaq Rajdaan and Ashish Sareen were the prominent who were persent in the election rallies.

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