Consider these 5 things before you cast your vote


By Citizen Journalist Amaya

Jammu and Kashmir, a state with its politics seeped in complexity and merged with an age old deep rooted chaos, after a tenure of six years is on the track of Elections, ready to write its fate for the next six years. A population of 12 million will be voting to choose the future of the state and well that doesn’t need any carelessness, right? Many of us don’t yet realize the power of a vote, the power of a candidate and we just carry on the legacy of our loyalty towards one specific party. Since now is the time we should start thinking about the one you are going to choose to represent you and your state, here are a few things you might want to improvise upon, before you get your finger inked this time.
1. Decide

First and foremost before you choose someone else to take your lead you should decide what exactly your concerns are. Is it poverty that hits you hard or is it women safety? From inflation to price rise, from education to unemployment, from infrastructure to economic growth, from corruption to all the money saved in a thousand Swiss banks, all of these issues concern every common man but what is that one thing you look up to in your choice to bring change? Who promises to eradicate that and who has already started accomplishing those demands?

2. Find out


find out

Every candidate always has a history attached to him and before you make your decisions just find out what has he done in his past apart from holding his position intact. Indian politics these days is infamously less about the people and more about the leaders but this is where the change might lie. Instead of carrying on things as casually as before, you might would want to see which candidate can actually be accredited with that vital vote of yours.

3. Evaluate

Evaluate the chosen candidate on the basis of his prior accomplishments, has he stood for his promises before? If not do you still think it’s right to expect him to stand by his words if that has rarely happened in the past? Evaluate and conclude whether he deserves that vote or not and if he doesn’t then keep your options open. It is not the time to abide by some party just because your last five votes were for them, if a question rises in your mind against someone just get to the next option and if there is none you think should get your vote, don’t skip it and rather opt for NOTA. Yes! It counts.

4. Learn

Learn about his past, his values and mottos, his campaigning and his promises. Do they qualify for your choice and demands? Listen to their speeches, visit their websites, and find all you can about them. As opinions can easily be adapted near to what a citizen wants to hear but the past talks louder than all that. If they have stood by their words before, you can expect them to abide by you this time as well. Learn what have they got out of the money you pay them as taxes, you can’t just let your rights waste away. So this time, take the decision wisely.

5. Choose

More people talk these days and less do the working. From what system are you living in to what change do you wish to bring, this is the very first step to that. He should be chosen to take charge of you, me and us and not just his own position. The leadership qualities matter and just a good speech should not fetch him a thousand votes as that doesn’t set the parameters of being a responsible representative of Common Man. Check the credibility of his opinions and agendas learning about his past records. Don’t bind yourself to one specific party, your loyalty should be more towards the state and not just a Party. Compare and decide! Demand and Extract.
Is he the one who you want to be represented by?

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