Coordination committee of J&K Government Employees and Workers Joint Action Committee demanded regularization of daily rated workers


Pictures by Sandeep



A Press Conference was being addressed by representatives of both the organizations of J&K Employees Workers Joint Action Committee and J&K Pensioner Forum  strongly condemning the state government, Teachers anti employees anti workers and anti pensioners stance which has transgressed all past limits. It is most heinous that the coalition state government has not released two D.A. installments in favor of employees and pensioners despite the fact that price index is touching the sky limit creating economic hurdles for employees, Teachers and pensioners, prices of all essential commodities have sky rocketed and inflation is at a peak. The state government has not implemented the pattern in louge in across the country i.e. enhancing the pension every 5 years. Thus they are stagnated at the pension at which they retired. Therefore, coordination committee demands either immediately medical insurance coverage for all the state employees, pensioners be granted or to follow central pattern medical scheme, forthwith.