Cop & Auto-Rickshaw Driver Went Door-to-Door to help a lost child find his home

May 25: Three-year old Parul lives in the Kalkaji area of Delhi with his grandfather, Tirat Kohli.

Two years ago Parul’s father passed away and his mother no longer lives with the family.

It is believed that parul was playing out one morning when he walked from his home to the main road two kilometres away and boarded an auto, saying he was looking for his parents.

Later when the auto-rickshaw driver asked him about his address the child burst into tears. The crying child was brought to the attention of Constable Dharmender, who was just about to begin his patrol duty.

At around 8 am Dharmender reported the incident to his seniors and then, with the help of the auto-rickshaw driver, reached out to every house to locate the the kid’s home.

Constable Dharmender asked the auto-rickshaw driver to drive him to every house in the Kalkaji area of New Delhi. The duo drove around Block A, B and C of Kalkaji, knocking on every door in the hope of finding Parul’s home.

It was when an elderly man recognised the child and that gave the constable a little hope.

He then followed the man’s directions to Parul’s house and placed the crying child in the waiting arms of his grandfather.

DCP Mandeep Singh Randhawa has announced that the constable will be rewarded for his efforts to ensure the child’s safety.

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