Cop caught red-handed while taking bribe


JAMMU: No, matter how strongly traffic police Jammu claims that they perform their duties honestly on the roads, from time to time, one or other case surfaces which maligns their reputation.

In an incident reported from canal road Jammu, a traffic policeman was caught red-handed on camera while taking the bribe of Rs.100 from an auto-rikshaw driver and making an entry into his own personal diary instead of entering in an official record book.
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This incident happened when there was massive traffic on road due to in appropriated parking of mini-buses. Instead of clearing the traffic he was taking Rs.100 bribe from the auto driver.
When confronted, He spoke nothing in his defense and escaped the site of the incident.
This incident has been reported to higher traffic authorities, Speaking on this incident D.I.G traffic assured that there will be  an inquiry into this incident and action will be taken against the traffic policeman.
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