Cops in Jammu caught drunk in broad daylight


Jammu and Kashmir News

Jammu :  At a bar, near the Warehouse area in the city, four policemen were caught drinking while on duty.


A video was shot wherein the four were seen hitting the bottle. A youth, who captured the scene in his phone, was taken in by these men and after keeping him help up in the Police station for hours, they released him after performing his medical checkup at the Govt Hospital in Gandhi Nagar.

On Wednesday, the youth was in the bar with his friends, where they saw the policemen ordering for themselves.

The youngster then shot their video and shared it on social media. The policemen, who were sitting not really far away from the boys, got suspicious and snatched their mobiles phones and deleted the pictures.

The families of the boys were infuriated with the police and blamed them for being thoughtless enough and getting drunk in the middle of the day, when they are supposed to be protecting the masses.

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