Cops sleeping; Don’t give a damn about traffic


Jammu and Kashmir

CJ Report by Rahil Singh

April 21: If most of the traffic violations, resulting in accidents and deaths take place during daytime, why traffic cops are setting up nakas if only they want to is sleeping.

Policeman on duty was reportedly caught sleeping at Vikram chowk, Jammu on Wednesday despite performing his duty he was assigned.

U4Uvoice reporter got a glimpse of situation when their was no traffic cop on duty at vikram chowk which later resulted in heavy traffic.

Two policemen were assigned the duty but both were found sleeping at the police post yesterday afternoon. This is the everyday situation here, people get stuck here for hours and they don’t bother.

Situation gets more messier sometimes resulting in traffic violation, accidents and deaths. Laws are not only for us but for them too.

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