CAG report reveals corruption, shortcomings in Agri. Deptt


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The falling agriculture growth across the state which is being ascribed to erratic weather, and climate change is also due to rampant corruption and apathy of officials working in agricultural and allied departments. A CAG report which was filed in the Rajya Sabha recently has revealed several instances of irregularities, under-performance, and putting government funds in personal bank account by the officials.

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The scheme under question is the Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana (RKVY) which has failed to deliver any results in the period between 2008 and 2013. The state as per CAG report has failed to push agriculture and allied activities as a result of which the output and growth in production has remained stagnant despite massive funding support from the centre. One of the plans in this was to set up Agriculture Business Centres by Self Help Groups which would provide customer hiring services. But the target of setting up these centres has not been met as the state government has not released money which it was supposed to do.

To help Mushroom development in the state by offering subsidy the target was to set up 34 units but the only thirteen could be located out of which 8 were not functioning, and one was partly operational. Similar is the case for developing department nurseries, progeny orchards in Baramulla, and Bandipora but here also little development took place because of poor maintenance, and less irrigation facilities. Checking of departmental nurseries revealed that condition of plants, trees and seedlings was very poor. Likewise the inspection of water harvesting structures also revealed that majority were dry, and in damaged condition.

The agriculture department as per the CAG report has not performed it’s job in the corresponding period, and it is high time that action should be initiated against those involved in this waste of public money. Large number of people depend on farming in our economy, and if this sector fails then it could have a very negative effect on the whole state.