Couple murdered in Kathua

Original Image Courtesy - Online Media Sources

Jammu, October 22: A couple was stabbed to death at their residence in Dhanod village of Lakhanpur in Kathua district on Thursday morning.

The incident was reported by some villagers to the police on Thursday morning where Inderjeet Sharma (60) and his wife Bholi Devi (33) were found brutally murdered with a sharp-edged weapon. As per police, there were about four to five attackers who are still unidentified. The attackers had covered their faces while committing the crime.

Investigation reveals that attackers broke into the house late Wednesday night and attacked the couple who used to live alone. The motive behind the attack is still to be found out since there was no loot or robbery in the house. The police is suspecting that the motive behind the murder may be a personal dispute and has interrogated some family members and neighbours of the couple.

Inderjeet Singh was a retired employee of the Military Engineering Services (MES) and Bholi Devi was his third wife. His earlier two wives were dead and he had shifted to Dhanod village in Lakhanpur from Sujanpur in Punjab some eight years ago.

There were also two children in the house at the time of attack who escaped the attack by hiding in the dark.

Senior Superintendent of Police deputed in Kathua district, Neeva Jain has said that the police team is investigating on different theories to ascertain the facts that may have led to the murder. Initial investigation has shown that it does not look like a blind murder. The police had rounded up some suspects for questioning.

Original Image Courtesy – Online Media Sources

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