Court denies bail to rape accused of Lower Mast Garh

Jammu, January 19: The bail application filed by Rajinder Kumar of Lower Mast Garh for his son Sidharath Suri who has been arrested for alleged involvement in the rape case has been rejected by the third Additional Sessions Judge Jammu,Kishore Kumar on Monday.

The Additional Sessions Judge heard  both the sides and made an observation that “offences allegedly committed by the accused carry punishment of life imprisonment and serious in nature”. He also added that “it is considered to be a menace and threat to the society as a whole because the accused person resorted to such activities which demean the psychology development of a woman”.

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The court said that rape is not only a crime against the women but the whole society bears the brunt of it. No doubt personal liberty guaranteed to the accused is undoubtedly his valuable right under Article 21 of the Constitution but the same can be refused to the accused in accordance with the procedure established under law.

The court rejected bail plea with these observations.

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