Cousins collect excess food at weddings and feed the poor in Srinagar


Srinagar, February 29: Abdul Baasit’s family organised his sister’s wedding in a lavish and traditional Kashmiri way. While enjoying the wedding, this software engineer from Srinagar  became aware of the amount of food that gets wasted during similar events.

Aware of the fact that there are people in Kashmir who can’t afford two square meals a day, as the wedding got over, Abdul decided to take matters in his hands and with the help of four of his cousins Mohammad Ubaid, Mohammad Saif, Mohammad Faik and Mohammad Saood, he started an initiative called Sadqaa which works towards feeding the hungry with the food that is wasted in lavish parties across Srinagar.

As the first step of Sadqaa, five of them distributed surplus food from their Baasit’s sister marriage. Now, it has become a regular practice of Sadqaa where they collect food from the lavish parties, from restaurants, eateries and distribute it among the people who cannot afford it.

In order to get more food, Sadqa approach people personally to explain the concept behind Sadqaa and request them to give a call whenever there is a party.

One of their members, Ubaid, who is a science student said that the priority of Sadqaa is to avail clean and fresh food to the under privileged and hence they accept only untouched and hygienic food and distribute it as early and possible so that it doesn’t get spoiled.

They also talk nicely to the people while distributing food among the people of slum and downtown areas of Srinagar and try to make them feel comfortable. However with no funding from external sources, the transportation expenses are managed from their pocket-money

Sadqaa had started with a team of five but now after a year’s time many other volunteers have join them in their noble cause. The cousins have also created a Facebook page to share their plans and ideas with the public.

“We work to feed the hungry and not for fame. We are now coming forward so that people come to know about our mission and help us,” another member Saif said.

“I can’t express how it feels — the smile on the faces of the needy brings us so much contentment that we can’t express it in words,” he added.

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