Covert attempts to change Jammu’s demography but when will BJP wake up

The shocking and disturbing advertisement in a local daily to sell plots of land to only one particularly community could have raised the hackles of any government and society but has failed to evoke any response in Jammu and Kashmir. Neither the police nor the civil society has raised any voice against the advertisement in a local daily where it has been mentioned that plots in a colony in Sunjwan can be bought by majority community alone. This is perhaps not the first instance of such communal sale but publishing a advertisement should have stirred the intelligence community, government, and the police to prevent such blatant practise.

A section of the people in Jammu, and civil society groups are terming this sale as continuing but covert attempt to change the demography of Jammu city, particularly in the outskirts of the city. The BJP which is in power today had been crying hoarse in the past over the attempts to change the population ratio of the city which has been predominantly Hindu, and nationalist to the core.

It is being alleged that a private colony is being developed in Sunjwan area but the plots are being sold only to buyers of majority community. The civil society in Jammu is of the opinion that had this happened in any other part of the country or had the other community suffered something on these lines there would have been a furore. But this being J&K no cognizance is being taken by the state government.

Locals allege that if attempts to polarize Jammu and change the demographic character are not stopped the time is not far when the original inhabitants would have to migrate like the Kashmiri pandits.

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