Cow Goes Competing In Professional Examination In Kashmir?

Opposition National Conference (NC) spokesman Junaid Azim Mattu has shocked people by uploading a roll number slip that J&K Board of Professional Entrance Examinations has allegedly issued to a cow. The applicant is named as Kachir Gaw (blonde cow) daughter of Gura Dand (Red Bull) and the roll number slip mentions her roll number as 257394. The admission card that gives the ‘cow’ the right to sit for the examination has been issued against 4BOP1505048.

The card uploaded by Mattu says the ‘blond cow’ was born on January 1, 1997. She has to sit in the examination on May 10, 2015 and carry the card with her!

“The J&K Board of Professional Entrance Examinations issued this roll-number slip to a Cow after due verification,” Mattu wrote on twitter. “I have both the Provisional Confirmation Page for applicant Ms. “Kachir Gaw” as well as details of payment she made to BOPEE.”

“However after an informal heads-up was sent to the Government, BOPEE was asked to take the record down from their website this morning,” Mattu wrote in the third message on the micro-blogging site. His fourth message reads: “Mr. Naeem Akhtar @jkpdp has some explaining to do. New benchmark of progress in Education Sector under him – COWS getting roll no slips?”

BOPEE officials have nothing much in their defence. They say the entire system of applications is IT enabled and people could play pranks. The system that operates the entry to examinations lacks the facility to detect human from non-humans as long as every category in the form is filled up. In fact the roll numbers slips are also being generated automatically, they say. They, however, will make efforts to trace the applicant who used the blonde cow to run with the credibility of an institution that is fighting to stay as an organization to select the most competent.

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