Create inclusive organisation, Modi to Goa BJP volunteers

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Goa:  Prime Minister Narendra Modi Saturday appealed to Goa BJP “karyakartas” or volunteers to create an “organisation” where everybody has a rightful place.

“Told ‘karyakartas’ that we should create an organisation where every person feels – yes, there is a place for me here. That will be our success,” Modi tweeted, after holding a meeting with Bharatiya Janata Party volunteers in Goa.

Modi told BJP volunteers they must be proud of the government at the centre which will take strong decisions in favour of national interest.

“Also addressed Goa BJP ‘karyakartas’. Assured them there is a government in Delhi that they will be very proud of!” Modi said on Twitter.


“Time has come to take tough decisions in the interest of the nation. Whatever decisions we take will be solely guided by national interest,” Modi said in another tweet.