‘Creature 3D’ recovers cost, making profit


creature_storysize_650_071614075032New Delhi:  Director Vikram Bhatt’s “Creature 3D” may have got a lukewarm response at the domestic box office, but the movie is already earning profit for its makers.

Made on a budget of Rs.18 crore, with the print and advertising cost at Rs.7 crore, “Creature 3D” earned Rs.11.34 crore at the box office in three days of its release, read a statement.

The Bipasha Basu and Imran Abbas starrer, said to be the country’s first creature feature, also fetched Rs.12 crore by selling its satellite rights, Rs.4 crore from music and collected Rs.2 crore at the overseas box office.

So, while the total investment was Rs.25 crore, it has earned Rs.29.34 crore in three days of its release.

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