Crime against women on the rise in Jammu, 2015 saw maximum cases

CrimeIn the last four years, there has been a dramatic rise in the cases of domestic violence in Jammu, and number of cases being registered has increased. As per the trend, there has been more and more cases of violence against women, and it also shows that increasing nuclearization of families is having a negative impact on quality of life.

The number of complaints registered in 2012 were 924 out which compromise was reached in 890 cases. In 2013, the number of complaints registered was 973, and in 920 of these compromise was reached whereas 1128 complaints were registered in which 1010 cases were disposed. 118 cases were registered in the country.
Highest number of complaints were reported in 2015 where the women cell received 1156 complaints out of which 842 complaints were resolved through discussion. 60 cases were registered, and 255 are still under investigation. Police officials said that maximum number of complaints were registered in Jammu women cell despite the fact that similar cells were opened in Kathua, Udhampur, and Poonch. Perhaps the complainants think that officials at Jammu, which is distant wont be influenced easily as compared to those posted in local thanas.

Maximum cases that are registered include those dowry related harassment, differences between married men and women, violence in marriage and similar issues. The police said that there is need to involve family elders, and to continue the tradition of joint families to ensure that crime against women is contained, and reduced effectively.

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