Crime against women on the rise in J&K, large no of cases go unreported


Jammu Kashmir | Committee Against Sexual Harassment do not share even basic information on how many sexual harassment complaints have been received so far.Jammu and Kashmir government would do well to set up more women police stations and implement the anti-sexual harassment laws more strictly because there has been a spike in the crime against women across the state. And in the last couple of year the number of rape, molestation and other such assaults have increased despite the fact that the state is known to be safer for women compared to other parts of the country.


A report by national police bureau which records crimes has revealed that 332 rape cases, 20 cases of attempt to rape, 1400 cases of assault on women were registered in the state during 2014. The data is being compiled for the current year whereas in the previous years there has been a steady rise in such types of crimes which reveals that the police, and other agencies have not been able to instill fear among the criminals. Apart from this a large number of rape, and sexual harassment cases also go unreported as the victims prefer to keep silent.

In Kashmir the number of cases registered in 2013 was 1057, whereas in 2014 it rose to 1300. Like wise in 2008 and 2009 the number of such cases was far lesser which reveals that women in Kashmir which hitherto was considered safe has gone worse. In Jammu too statistics reveal a similar situation but official said that the major problem which is arising is sexual harassment at work places particularly in government offices, and private companies. The police is now planning to strongly implement the Sexual Harassment Prevention Act 2013 which provides measures to curb such crimes.