Crime Branch, Jammu Arrests Impersonating Army Colonel Alongwith His Associates Running Recruitment Racket.


A written complaint lodged by one Mohinder Kumar S/o Anek Ram R/o Shamachak
(Jhiri) Jammu and others was received in Crime Branch, Jammu, alleging therein that
Kulwinder Singh S/o Karnail Singh R/o Deharan Akhnoor Road near Mishriwala Jammu a
dismissed Army personnel, lures unemployed youths by impersonating himself as Army
Colonel and collects huge amounts ranging from two to five lacs for recruiting them in Indian
Army and has issued fake appointment orders in favour of various gullible youths after
taking huge amounts from them by means and cheated them. Initially he had opened his
office at Paloura Jammu, then shifted Muthi, Camp and presently operating from Muthi as
well as from Janipur. The said accused used to wear Army officer’s uniform (Colonel Rank)
to cheat the youths so as to pose himself as Army officer and has also kept a Laptop for
preparing fake orders in connivance with (1) Vishal Bhagat R/o Dream City (2) Sahil
Sharma R/o Janipur Press Wali Gali (3) Ricky Chib step brother of the accused who lured
various youths and have taken huge amounts from them by making false promises of
appointing them in Indian Army by well knitted rackets of cheaters thereby causing wrongful
gain for themselves and huge losses to innocent youths. The accused has threatened
complainants of dire consequences and have taken Rs. 25.00 lacs from him by
inducement, as he came to his house in Army Officer’s uniform and told that being an Army
Officer can get the complainant and his brother appointed in the Indian Army. It is further
alleged that the accused also went to complainant’s house in the year 2018 and thereafter
taking money kept the complainant as cook in his house for more than five months, but
paid no pay to him, neither returned his money etc.
On receipt of this complaint, a preliminary verification was conducted by Crime
Branch, Jammu and on the basis of verification, it was prima facie found that Kulwinder
Singh in connivance with Vishal Bhagat, Sahil Sharma and Ricky Chib is indulging in luring
the youths by inducement and provides them fake order after receiving huge amounts from
them by fraudulent means. It was also revealed that the self style and impersonating
army Colonel had spread rumors that the area of his location has been given under his
charge by the Indian army for recruitment purpose and has also issued I. Cards to many
unemployed youths on the pretext of recruitment in Indian Army and has extorted huge
money from them fraudulently.

Accordingly, a case FIR No. 28/2019 u/s 420, 467, 468, 471, 170, 171, 120-B RPC
was registered at P/S Crime Branch, Jammu against the above mentioned accused persons.
A team of officers Inspr. Arun Kotwal and Inspr. Mashkoor Giri headed by Sh. Bhushan
Kumar Ganjoo Dy.SP, Crime Branch Jammu was constituted to investigation of the case
expeditiously. The Crime Branch team conducted raid at the rental residence cum office of
accused Kulwinder Singh and recovered/seized incriminating materials including Army
uniform with stars, medals, Laptop, mobiles, Army Recruitment records etc. The said
accused Kulwinder Singh alongwith his associated namely 1) Vishal Bhagat R/o Dream City
(2) Sahil Sharma R/o Janipur Press Wali Gali (3) Ricky Chib were arrested. The arrest was
affected on 24.05.2019 under the supervision of Superintendent of Police, Crime Branch, and
Jammu Sh. Mushtaq Ahmed. The accused persons are being interrogated to ascertain the
whole gamut of racket and other aspects relating to the crime. The investigation of the case
is on progress.