Crisis of Mother tongue in Jammu region


By Citizen Journalist Ansh Chowdhari

Well we all have heard about the economic crisis, mental crisis and may be cultural crisis but had we ever heard about the language crisis…. I think no..But its a reality of Jammu region or what we call it as DUGGARDESH. This region owes its importance since the ancient times. There is a rich legacy of Dogras as we have pride in saying that we gave India the shape in which it exists today when we captured Gilgit-Baltistan and Tibet under the Dogra rule of 101 years. There is a rich legacy of Dogras in arts also as the Basohli paintings r world famous. Not only in this, in music also we gave masters starting with Pt. Shiv Kumar Sharma, a Santoor virtuoso who gave Santoor a class, then we saw Alla-Rakha whose camaraderie In Tabla was unbeatable. Not only in arts we also showed our worth in literature as well when we have names like Padma Shri Smt.Padma Sachdev, Dinoo Bhai Pant, Ram Math Shastri and many more who wrote in Dogri.

But the situation becomes grim when we see our younger generation totally unaware about their culture and not even knowing the ABC of their language. This is totally unfair to the distinct and unique culture of ours. We r not going to make any development by mere inserting Dogri in the Schedule 8 of the Indian constitution rather we should try to make people aware of its importance as we have seen that those societies develop that respect their language but in contrary we have tried our level best to make Dogri out of our homes.

But that day is not far when we have to say that Dogri used to be our mother tongue if not preserved at the earliest.

Lastly I conclude with the famous line of Dinoo Bhai Pant

“हिंदी साडी दादी है ते डोगरी साडी माँ दादी थारे दादी ते मऊ थारे माँ।”

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