Crocodile who used to meditate daily

Once there was a crocodile who was weird in a way that he used to get up really early even before sunrise . After getting up , he would take a swim in the river to freshen up and then practise meditation. Other crocodiles used to laugh at him but he never failed to meditate faithfully remembering his God every single day. After spiritual practice, he would take his meal and the day goes on happily.

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One day a very famous priest visited him and he was surprised to see that crocodile was praying. He asked him ,” You are not a human being then why are you chanting God’s name ?”

The crocodile replied, ”I know I am an animal but I have the  desire to pray as I want to feel God so I meditate it everyday.”

The priest replied,” It does not matter because you are a crocodile and you have to wait until you reincarnate as a human bein, only then you will be able to experience God.”

The crocodile mockingly replied,” You claim that you are a priest and still you are unaware about the most basic things. There is no difference between the God who created you or me and if I meditate daily , there is a greater possibility that I will experience God but if you will not change your philosophy, God might turn you into a crocodile.”

The priest started laughing and the very next moment he was turned into a crocodile.


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Watching the transformation, the crocodile asked ,” So? How does it feel to be a crocodile ? haha

Are you enjoying it?

The priest sadly replied,” How did you predict my fate?”

The crocodile answered,”This was predestined because even though you looked like a priest yet you had evil mindset. And even being a crocodile I am living in a sacred way.”


MORAL – Though truth is high but living the truth is higher.






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