Curfew imposed in Rajouri as communal tension escalates


Jammu, July 21: It was reported recently that members of a certain community had waved the ISIS flags in Rajouri and as a reaction to that members of VHP and Bajrang Dal had burned the ISIS flags terming the act of waving ISIS flags as anti-national and disrespectful to the Indian nationality.

The members who waved the ISIS flags protested the burning of ISIS flags by the other members and wanted their arrest, a demand which was swiftly rejected. Their complain was, the writing on the made-up ISIS paper flags by VHP and Bajrang Dal was holy and the burning of these flags was a gross mistake. The Muslim leaders clarified that they have no ill against the burning of the ISIS flags but simply writing Holy symbols on a black piece of paper to burn it down was not acceptable.

As a result, the situation in Rajouri has now become sensitive communally. The administration has imposed a curfew to prevent any unbecoming event from happening.

Earlier today in a press conference, Dy CM, Dr. Nirmal Singh had clarified that the administration is aware of the situation prevailing in Rajouri and are well prepared to tackle any eventuality.

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