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Curious Threats – Clean Srinagar or will dump all waste in Sectt: Tribunal

New Delhi, January 29: “Srinagar is one of the most beautiful cities. Where are you using the money allotted to you? You are just putting the common man in trouble,” said National Green Tribunal (NGT) while lambasting the state Government for the municipal waste scattered across Srinagar.

The NGT has reportedly warned and ordered dumping of all trash in the Secretariat complex if the city was not cleaned in a week’s time.

The NGT has asserted that the top officers which even includes Chief Secretary are responsible for ensuring compliance of its orders of setting up of a waste-to-energy plant in Srinagar that was passed a year ago and also for its delay which is ruining the beauty of Srinagar.

The bench headed by NGT chairperson Justice Swatanter Kumar observed that there should atleast be a provision for the municipal solid waste collection and segregation otherwise all the waste will be dumped in the Secretariat by Srinagar Municipal Corporation.

The state government has been given one week’s time to ensure no scattering of municipal solid waste in the city. The tribunal also warned that in the event of default, the Chief Secretary, other concerned secretaries and commissioner of the Srinagar Municipal Corporation would be personally held responsible.

The Tribunal while expressing displeasure over the government’s attitude in the matter asked why there were no dustbins and waste collection provisions in Srinagar. The Tribunal further queried if installation of the aforementioned required a Cabinet approval?

“There are stray dogs and municipal waste lying everywhere. Why don’t you set up a municipal solid waste plant? You cannot block everything and let people suffer and die. We understand the financial aspects but you have to find some solution. This project will generate energy in lieu of waste and still you are doing nothing,” it said.

It also alleged that the tenders were awarded by the state as per its own terms but the entire project remained stalled for a considerable period on the pretext that the rate of power purchase demanded by the bidder was high.