Dad – a boy’s first HERO

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Unlike mothers who protect us all the time, fathers teach us a different way to handle life. Fathers help us to become more independent and do things on our own. Fathers are our first superheroes who love and support us in every phase of our life. Below mentioned points make us realise their efforts and selfless love towards children.

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  1. Mothers tend to protect their children from any kind of danger or struggle whereas fathers help us to experience life through mistakes and learn from them.
  2. Fathers teach us the value of money and the way it is required to be spent. They make us realise that earning is important but what is even above that is spending it wisely and saving it for future.
  3. Fathers understand us even in our awkward situations and during the most frustrating phase of our life- adolescence. Even when we are caught while watching porn or talking to our girlfriends, they do not make a big deal out of it.
  4. They are special because there are things which could not be discussed with anybody but him.
  5. Fathers tell us to keep the modesty and compassion alive in our hearts. They always stress upon treating everyone equally does not matter if the person belongs to higher or lower strata of society.

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  6. We owe them for teaching us to maintain dignity and have patience during tough times and not to let go of the things which are meant for us.
  7. For seeding the thought of ambition and simultaneously explaining the importance of family and friend in our life.
  8. They are important because they taught us to be fearless and achieve our dreams overcoming every hurdle which comes in our way.
  9. For making us realize that the life is not about – I, me , myself rather it is about seeing smile on the faces of your loved ones
  10. We owe them for saving us from our mothers and handling the troubled situations.

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  11. Fathers teach us to protect, love and care for the loved ones.
  12. For letting us know the importance of our closest friends and explaining to us why forgiving, forgetting and giving up the argument is important.
  13. We love them for comprehending our problems and supporting us in every phase of our life even when we are misunderstood by the world.
  14. For letting us know that failures are stepping stones to success and we must accept them positively and work hard towards a better life.
  15. For trusting us when the world did not and making us feel worthy of accomplishing anything in our life

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  16. For turning us into men and one cannot deny that a father is the first person we look up to as our ideal.
  17. For explaining to us the difference between right and wrong things.
  18. For clarifying the facts and teaching the importance of silence.
  19. For maintaining humility and down to earth attitude.
  20. For teaching us the value of independence and earning for a safe and secure future.