DAK appeals for independent probe,says alleged case of Medical Negligence at Sopore hospital exaggerated


Doctors Association Kashmir in an emergency meeting held under the president ship of Dr G M Mir took a very strong note of an incident in which an FIR has been lodged against a doctor for alleged negligence. On enquiring from the concerned doctor and hospital authorities, who were open to an independent enquiry by professionals,clarified their position and said that the doctor in news had succcesfully done laparoscopic surgery for cholecystectomy on a female patient after which she was shifted to ward. During night time as the patient felt cold her attendant gave her a warm water bottle inspite of disapproval by the hospital staff, which thus caused burn injuries to the patient. In the morning when the doctor made a round of the ward and on seeing the burn injuries of the patient he immediately rushed the patient to theater and did the dressing of the patient,followed by another dressing on the next day also.Though usually patients are discharged within 24 hr’s of laparoscopic surgery but here the patient was kept for 48 hours in the hospital for observation due to negligence of the patient’s attendant.On Sunday when the patient again came for followup and was shifted to the theater for checkup,the attendants built the pressure upon the theater staff that they will also accompany the patient inside the operation theater which the staff categorically refused due to hospital and antiseptic protocol.This irked the attendants who threatened the staff with dire consequences and finally filed the FIR at Police station.

Dr Irfan ul Shams,Executive Member of the DAK was surprised and asked the authorities that how can a SHO file an FIR against a doctor when according to Hon’ble Supreme court guidelines a doctor’s alleged negligence has to be proven by an expert member committee before any such action is taken,but here in our part of the world it seems even Supreme Court Guidelines are thrown to dustbin.

Dr Aamir Iqbal Lone,Registrar,Obstetrics & Gynaecology,GMC Srinagar,another executive Member of the DAK further said that though the doctor and Hospital staff had done their best what they were supposed to do professionally but it seems authorities are hell bent to defame the doctors.

Dr Mir Waseem,Physician Speciaist and Executive Member of DAK further added that it’s simply character assassination and harrasement.

Dr Masood Rashid,Senior Executive Member of DAK said that and independent enquiry by professionals should be held and let the law take it’s own course.He further said that Police department has acted in haste who have arrested a theater staff personal without following the set guidelines and is very unfortunate.He further said that some unknown media portals have even got a step ahead by reporting that “patient was burnt alive” just to create sensation which means that the patient died and is totally absurd on part of those media portals

Dr Mir Mushtaq,Spokesperson DAK appealed the Director General Police,Jammu & Kashmir to kindly intervene in the matter so that the honour and dignity of the doctor is upheld and to initiate an Enquiry as to how come an FIR was lodged without following the proper set rules.He further said that when an unruly mob attacks the hospital or some Govt. property it takes days together in filling an FIR but on the other hand when somebody has a complaint against doctor or hospital authorities it does not take even seconds to entertain that FIR without even caring for any rules.He further appealed the media to kindly verify the facts before filling a news report because somebody’s name is involved which he/she may have taken years to earn and it takes minutes to defame which may amount to character assassination unnecessarily.He further appealed the hospital authorities to file a defamation case against those media portals who have falsely reported the issue and have done more a mere character assassination than reporting the real story.

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