Darbar Conducted By Shri Anil Magotra, Superintendent Of Police, Samba District Police Lines, Samba



Jammu: With a view to have thorough discussion about the problems being faced by officers/officials of DPL Samba viz-a-viz to impart important instructions of worthy Director General of Police, J&K to all the officers/officials of DPL Samba and on the occasion of Raising Day of J&K Police; a Darbarwas conducted today by Shri Anil Magotra, Superintendent of Police, Samba in the premises of District Police Lines at Shah Balode, Samba. The Darbar was also attended by Shri Suresh Kumar, Dy. SP DAR DPL Samba, 23 NGOs and 107 jawans of DPL Samba.
At the inception of Darbar, Shri Suresh Kumar Chib, Dy. SP DAR Samba briefed the officers/officials of DPL about the motive of Darbar and briefed them to put forth their grievances one by one. During interaction, some of the Jawansputforth their grievances regarding their leave, release of pay and other issues which were listened patiently by SP Samba and on spot directions were given to the concerned dealing hands for their immediate redressal.
Thereafter, SP Samba briefed all the officers/officials present in the Darbar that leave is the right of each & every Jawan subject to certain conditions and should be given time to time. Accordingly Dy. SP DAR Samba was advised on spot to redress leave issues of the jawans at his own after observing prescribed 10 % leave quota.
All the jawans have been briefed that they should strictly follow the uniform pattern, keep themselves well maintained as well as disciplined and be alert while performing duties on each deployment. They have to follow all the traffic rules such as wearing of Helmets/Seat Belt, use of mobile while driving, avoid triple/rash driving and without Registration Numbers of their vehicles so that Public could not pinpoint any violation by the Police Personnel. Jawans were also briefed by SP Samba that their behaviour with the public should be cordial. Thereafter, instructions of worthy DGP J&K were also passed on to all the jawans present in the Darbar for strict compliance.
After the conclusion of Darbar, SP Samba inspected M. I. Room, DPL Mess, Kot, Barracks of the Jawans, MT Section and also the office chamber of Dy. SP DAR DPL, Samba. Instructions were also imparted to Dy. SP DAR Samba that manpower deployed for various occasions like National festivals, Regional festivals/Melas, law& order duties, should be fully equipped with law & order equipments/arms & ammunition as per the nature of duty and their response time to reach the destination should be minimum. Dy. SP DAR DPL Samba has once again advised to continue with the process of Joint Law & Order trainings at DPL Samba and submit schedule of such trainings/Refresher Courses, to this office well in advance.

In addition to above, District Police Samba under the supervision of Shri Anil Magotra, Superintendent of Police, Samba and Shri Suresh Kumar Chib, Dy. SP DAR DPL Samba also organized “Chabeel” for passersby at Shah Balode, Samba on the occasion of Raising Day of J&K Police. This activiey marked another step in the direction of J&K Police’s gesture of service and goodwill. The DPL manpower actively participated in this voluntary service to the humanity and served people with lots of enthusiasm in which thousands of the people enjoyed the stall. The passersby and people from nearby areas praised the step taken by J&K Police in this scorching heat. This effort signifies the intent of District Police Samba to extend its reach amongst the common man.