Daughter Dead, Mother Injured in Scooty-Truck Collision


In the Digiana area of ​​the city, the girl riding the scooty died after the scooty collided with the truck, while her mother was seriously injured in the accident. The police have started the investigation of the case by taking the girl’s body for post-mortem and reaching the GMC mortuary.

On Monday, the accident happened when 40-year-old Rekharani wife, Ravi Kumar, who lives in Bari Brahmana, was going on a scooty with her 17-year-old daughter Rupali Saini. When his scooty reached Digiana, his scooty got hit by the truck there. Both the mother and daughter were seriously injured in the accident, and when they were taken to GMC hospital for treatment, the girl was declared dead by the doctors, while her mother was admitted for treatment. Police have started the investigation by registering a case in this regard.