The dawn of Modi era at the centre will usher in progress of all: Jugal Kishore



State President & MP Jugal Kishore Sharma, alongwith newly elected MLA Abdul Gani Kohli, toured Kalakote constituency areas to thank the public for their support and vote for the party in the recent elections. They visited Dharamsal, Solki, Metka, Mogla, Taryath, Pradu, Thangdragrt and addressed the public in these villages.

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The public through their prominent personages brought to the notice of Jugal Kishore Sharma and Abdul Gani Kohli their day to day problems and the hardships they face on account of lack of road connectivity and other amenities of life. The non-availability of power, portable water and timely supply of fertilizers has been the bane of these unfortunate people.

In his address, Jugal Kishore Sharma, said that the dawn of Modi era at the centre will usher in progress of all and will also put sufferings of the public on decline. Modi has inspired the entire nation and given it a hope that in India things can move and achievements made. The various schemes started by Modi including “Jan Dhan Yojana”, “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan” are meant to improve the quality of life even in remotest corners of the country.

Abdul Gani Kohli, in his address, raised the issue of non-availability of rations and kerosene and said that these shortages have cropped on account of previous NC-Congress government’s mis-management and diverting these supplies to those areas which they wrongly thought were their voting banks.  He assured the public that adequate supplies would be ensured in the coming days and every effort would be made to lighten the burden of hardships on the public.

Dr. Ashok Sharma, Vinod Sharma, Sardari Lal, Kali Dass Sharma, Sarpanch Om Parkash, Sarpanch Rehman, Lekh Raj, Sunil Verma and others accompanied Sharma.