Day 9 of Carry on Strike; Students say ‘Adamant’ University unmoved

Jammu, September 12: Over hundred of boys and girls students from IMS College, Jammu joined Chain Hunger Strike at University of Jammu in shape of rallies under the leadership of Avinash Singh, Harsh Choudhary, Himani Sharma.Carry On system

For the 9th consecutive day, the chain hunger strike observed by Students Coordination Committee (SCC) in support of full carry on system remained unnoticed by Jammu University Administration.

Aggrieved students accused the University Administration of playing with their careers, as even after observing strike, the university is not clear with its decision.

They said that on College Brochure, there was no mention of the carry on system, but now to earn easy money they are now imposing ‘unconstitutional’ law on students. The university has also taken the fee for semester 2nd, but hasn’t passed the students in 1st sem.

If they were clear with this criteria, why they earlier took fees from the students. This is injustice with the students.

We are left in lurch, as university is not coming clear with its risks, said students adding that they will continue this protest until demand are not met.

They also threatened to aggregate the protest by ‘Gheorao’ Raj Bhawan and Dy. Chief Minister House