DC Jammu appeals to Jammu people to donate to verified authorities



Jammu & Kashmir State has been wrecked by the recent floods. It is a time when everyone, state administration, the Indian forces, NDRF and the local bodies are coming together to do every possible action to get people out of this heartbreaking tragedy. People are taking initiatives and collecting food, water etc., so that aid can be provided to flood affected people.

It’s good to see people of Jammu and Kashmir putting in efforts for the rescue operations. At the same time, we also have witnessed some miscreants who are looking this tragedy as the money making opportunity. There are certain groups who are actually demanding money in the name of flood relief.
We appeal to the people of Jammu to donate to verified authorities and check on the authenticity of the transaction. One of the verified organizations involved with the flood rescue operations is Dist. Red Cross Society, Jammu.

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