DC office Kathua has started a sleeping hour

Going to the DC office in any district in J&K has its own charm. One goes prepared with a mindset to run from one office to another. Most people go with a mellowed down ego and pride because well most people are not incharge and only those sitting inside DC office are.

More often than not officials at the DC offices are so occupied that they do not get to take care of their health. This can be gauged from the pot bellies that most officials inside these offices possess. We finally chanced upon a Girdawar at DC office Kathua who is truly concerned about his health.

While others were not concerned about their deteriorating health, Girdawar sahab showed that he is the champion of the rising health concerns among today’s modern people.

When inquired, it was found that though DC office does not have an official sleeping hour, it is indiscriminately understood that those who are concerned about their health can sleep for an hour or two at their personal discretion.

This decision on the time of sleeping, however, would not be affected by the visitors who need to get their work done.

Pun is intended of course. Unlikely that DC Kathua will take action on this. Pun intended on the last sentence too.

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