Parents protest against demolition of Govt. school building


Why is it that the poor always suffer? In a recent move by JK govt. the students of Govt. School in CIty Chowk, are being ‘kicked out’ of the school to make space for cars of rich. Why should these students from poor families’ future be put at stake for construction of a parking lot? 

Jammu District Administration had recently issued an order of demolishing of a government School building at city chowk to convert it into a parking facility. The government plans to build a new parking facility, as parking problem in the vicinity of old city is a cause of nuisance for everyone.

Around 200 students, mostly belonging to poor families, study in this school. Most of the students live nearby and come walking to the school. With the sudden change in location, school going children are facing difficulties to adjust.

Though on temporary basis, government has shifted base of the school to Dogra Chowk, but with no proper classrooms students are in a quandry. The childen are being forced to sit on the floor as there is no arrangement made for them. Wile land for building the school has been identify, the students will have to adjust in a temporaray premisis, for atleast an year.

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On Thursday when students were sent to their new location, they face many difficulties in adjusting as they were no seats to sit. So, they sat on the floor and studied.
Frustrated by this move by the administration, local bodies lodged the protest against this move by the administration and said that they are only playing with the future of students. They demand that government should take part in this discussion. The hea
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