DDE department of JU facing shortage of staff


Jammu, May 15: There are about 15 faculty members in the Directorate of Distance Education Department of University of Jammu including 10 contractual teachers and the five are permanent teachers for 17,554 students pursuing undergraduate, post-graduate courses from the DDE of Jammu University.

Out of 17,554 students, there are about 5,627 students for under-graduate students and 11,927 students in post-graduate courses and for them there are only 9 permanent teachers and 11 contractual.  In English there are about 3,219 students and in Sociology there are about 2,687 students in Sociology pursuing their studies through distance education. Due to this shortage of staff, the faculty members of the DDE are overburdened doing many tasks at a time like conducting practical classes, preparing study materials, evaluation of the assignments submitted by the students and other tasks. The DDE Department of the University of Jammu was established during the year 1976.

The faculty members said that the quality education in DDE is still a distant dream and during the Personal Conduct Programme (PCP) the authorities install loud speakers to teach the students. The regular degree being offered to the students cannot equate the degree being offered by the DDE of Jammu University.


(-With inputs from The Tribune)

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