DDE department of JU facing shortage of staff

The faculty members said that the quality education in DDE is still a distant dream and during the Personal Conduct Programme (PCP) the authorities install loud speakers to teach the students. The regular degree being offered to the students cannot equate the degree being offered by the DDE of Jammu University.


(-With inputs from The Tribune)

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2 thoughts on “DDE department of JU facing shortage of staff

  • May 15, 2015 at 7:09 pm

    DDE students not only facing this above said problm but also Complete UNJUSTICE is done wuth them by alloting them just 2:30hrs in exam where 30minutes r wasted in other legal fomslities and therefor just 2hrs is left for writing 80 marks wherre as 3hrs are for regulr students and they hve 60marks paper and out of 60 mrks pper 10 marks quetiion r objective type
    . Matlb yeh k 50 no ka paper likna 3 hrs me aur DDE students 2hrs me 80 marks paper
    . Bhainc****d unvrsty de examier controler ki Maa ki c******* ne kya soch k diya itna time saala…
    DDE is largest revenue generating source for JU. Firr b humare saath ye unjustice kiu kiu saala deptt hunaari baat nahi sunta k time jaayeda do hume b
    . agar ye baaaat news waale humaari sunh rahe hai to karo kuch help…
    . maa ch*****d dirctor DDE
    MAA C******D examiner controller
    . Maa C******d regular deptt waale aur cordinators
    . saale unhpadh bainc*****d ullu de patthhey

  • May 15, 2015 at 7:26 pm

    Yess very true ye to galat baar hai Masters level k paper aur 2 hrs ka time
    . baaki unko 50 mrks exam 3hrs not fair injustice hai ye to
    Kya hoga iss deish ka study me b itna naainsaafii itna vedh bhaab… Ye to ssmjh k bahar hai k aisa kaisa kr saktey hai ye log jinko hum guru kehtey hai teacher kehtey hai…


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