DDE profs drawing lacs per month for doing nothing

Jammu, August 25: Making a mockery of Vice Chancellor (JU) claims of transparent functioning of Jammu University, the Directorate of Distance Education has turned out to be another department of JU where the faculty comfort is taken care of while making rules.

Professors in DDE, Jammu University have made it a place of amusement where they just mark their presence and draw lacs as salary at the end of the month.

As per reported by Early Times news, there are five professors at the Directorate of Distance Education, Jammu University who are drawing salary for nothing and causing huge loss to University Exchequer. According to sources, these professors are listed as:

  • Prof VV Nagendra Rao, Department of Political Science
  • Dr Neelam Choudhary department of Economics
  • Prof Sushil Sharma department of Punjabi
  • Prof Heena Abrol department of History
  • Prof Yash Pal, B.Ed

As per sources, DDE offers only UG courses in these subjects which turns out to be outsourced by the management and these they are teaching just 15 classes per year under Personal Contact Programme and pulling out huge amount every month.


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