Dealers in Ramnagar charging for forms which are issued free by CAPD

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Jammu: The dealers in Ramnagar area are charging Rs.5/- for the survey form of the CAPD department of J&K State for conducting household survey.  However, this form is being supplied by the department free of cost. Although “Free of Cost” has been printed on these forms but still money is being charged from general public. The dealers are shortchanging the public, and making money on the sly and such the authorities need to take action against this practice.

Secondly survey is needed to be conducted by an expert i.e by a department official who may be deployed by the department and who is compensated by the Govt. But he is not attending this survey personally.Why it is so? Why the rural people are being fooled by the offenders? senior officials need to take cognizance of this violation and take action in this regard.

Reported by Citizen Journalist Vishwa Nath