Dear Government, there are places in Jammu City under flood threat too!


Puneet G


Jammu, 1 April: The weatherman has foretold that intensity of rains tonight will work as a deciding factor in the flood scare turning into reality. Rainfall which started last night is expected to continue over the next two days and can again cause surge in the water of level of River Jhelum and its tributaries.

The Kashmir valley is already reeling under the fears of a September floods repeat and my heart and prayers goes out to them for their safety. But the issue at hand is the blatant negligence shown towards the flood prone areas within Jammu city. As has been published multiple times in the last six months, the Phalain Mandal area, which is a compendium of about 50 villages stands disconnected from the city even now. It has been reported a multiple number of times that the bridge made in 1980s was damaged in the September floods and since then the governments have not done anything to rebuild the bridge. Take a look

Phalain mandal


A make shift bridge was made by Army and the residents from group of villages have time and again brought to notice the fact that the make shift bridge will immerse during the rains and worse has happened. The make shift bridge was actually washed away days ago when Tawi was swelling up.

phalain mandal make shift bridge
phalain mandal make shift bridge 2 months ago

This was the makeshift bridge (Rahat setu) that was built by the Army to connect Phalain Mandal to Satwari and was washed away days ago.

make shift bridge washed away
Make shift bridge washed away

Now that this bridge is  washed away, the locals who have to travel hardly four kilometers to reach Satwari, now have to travel close to 30 kilometers going via Surechak to Bhagwati Nagar and back to Satwari. Not only is that sheer wastage of time for the commuters a lot of whom travel using the local transport, but it is also wastage of fuel for the matador owners who are charging the same amount for 30 kilometers as they were charging for 5 kilometers.

Leaving that aside, there is another issue of a water tank in this area which is right by the river bed and the base has slowly been getting washed away and should fall right into the river unless the base is not fortified in time.
phalain mandal water tank

If this were not enough there are houses next to Bhagwati Nagar bridge which were damaged in the September floods. Notwithstanding the lack of compensation by the previous government, the residents of the houses next to the damaged ones have again vacated their homes fearing floods or landslide.

The houses in the first row are empty these days as the MeT department has issued warnings for heavy rains all through the next three days. Imagine having to leave your home because the government did not have time to pay attention to your problems.

How can the government not have time?

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